OEM/ODM Program DB Manufacturing

DB Manufacturing is a full service ODM/OEM manufacturer of board sports products specializing in the longboard, skimboard, and skateboard industries. We are the premier OEM/ODM longboard and skimboard manufacturer in the Pacific Northwest, nationally and internationally known for our quality, reliability, and advanced capabilities in board sports manufacturing.

As a small, independent company we are able to give you the time and attention necessary to execute your projects in a personal, professional and effective manner. With 8+ years of experience in the industry, low MOQ’s and full manufacturing capabilities, we are sure to be a good match for your next project no matter the goal.


Available Products

  • Wood Longboards
  • Composite Longboards
  • All wood Skimboards
  • Wood/Laminate Skimboards
  • Veneer Wood
  • Laminating Glue
  • Transfer Graphics
  • Custom Wheels
  • Custom Bearings
  • Custom Risers
  • Custom Slide Pucks


Available Services

  • Product development and design
  • Composite Manufacturing
  • Raw material availability
  • Fast turn around
  • Low minimums
  • Fast Prototyping
  • C-Axis angle drilling
  • Spray dye art options
  • House molds
  • Art sourcing
  • Grip Die Cutting
  • Staining
  • Private Label